Responsive Websites allow your website to be viewable on all devices including a computer, tablet and mobile phone.

In 2015, Google started to prioritize websites that are responsive and de-prioritize websites that only perform well on computers.

It may be time for you to have your website updated if your website is not responsive.

Mobile Internet usage has been skyrocketing and minimizing the digital divide.

Let us develop
a responsive website
for your business

Most Americans access the internet through a mobile phone or tablet. A responsive website will allow your website to adapt to the device on which its being displayed.

Further, Google is giving SEO priority to websites that are responsive. Simply put, that means that they are making it hard for people to find your business online if your site is not coded in a responsive way.

When your clients connect with your business, the experience should be positive.

If your clients are forced to use their fingers to increase the screen to read your website text, then it’s time to get responsive!

If you need help creating a responsive website, then let’s chat about the future of your website.

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